Of Special Interest

28th October 2011

IBM Security division formed

IBM has completed on the acquisition of Q1 Labs inc. It has used the company along with subsidiaries Tivoli, Rational and Information Management to create the new IBM Security Systems division. IBM have 10 security related subsidiaries in total and link these business to its recent acquisitions of 25 analytics related purchases.

IBM point to the need to combat an increase in high-profile attacks, growing mobile vulnerabilities and more sophisticated threats, firms must be equipped to quickly identify threats, detect insider fraud, predict business risk and address regulatory mandates.

IBM calculate the security software and services market to be worth $94bn (€67bn £59bn ¥7.1tr Y597bn) per annum. IBM say about that security operations globally:

"IBM operates the world's broadest security research and development organization, comprising nine security operations centers, nine IBM Research centers, 11 software security development labs and three Institutes for Advanced Security. It employs thousands of security experts globally such as security operations analysts, consultants, sales and tech specialists, and strategic outsourcing delivery professionals. IBM monitors 12 billion security events per day in more than 130 countries and holds 3,000 security patents. IBM has been in the security business for nearly 50 years dating back to the security innovation in its mainframe systems."