Of Special Interest

3rd June 2011

New IBM white paper on client centricity and reducing risk

IBM has issued a new white paper - "From complexity to client centricity With simple smart service". The paper is based on a survey of 2,000 banks of all sizes globally and additional interviews. As per the title it deals in part with how better utilisation of information can lead to client centricity with the benefits this has for higher profitability per customer and less churn. The paper also deals with reducing risk through better information utilisation. The paper has relevance to almost all banks with findings and recommendations grouped by size of bank - from the largest universal international banks down to regional and specialised banks.

Risk reduction is broken down by:

- 1 Financial Risk
- 2 Financial Crime
- 3 Operational Risk
- 4 Governance & Compliance Risk.

The paper offers more objective information to back up its recommendations than most white papers. Many banks might find the paper useful as a checklist to use against their own strategic plans.

Free registration is required before downloading the paper at: